Industrial Plant
2022~ 2021~2019 2018~2016 2015~2013 2012~2010 2009~2007 2006~2004
01 Lotte Confectionery/td> Yeongdeungpo ground freezer machine room freezer
02 Naval Logistics Command Gyeongnam 22-0 front landing support facility repair work
03 Gangwon LPC Gangwon Freezer storage room unit cooler replacement work
05 Taekyung Chemical Yeosu Jeonnam Structure repair work such as liquefied carbon dioxide manufacturing facilities
06 Taekyung Chemical Daesan Daesan Dryer replacement work
07 Lotte Confectionery (Daejeon) Daejeon oil cooler replacement
08 Harim Co., Ltd. Jeonbuk Liquid pump for R-22 and NH3 liquid pump
09 Taekyung Chemical Naju Naju Naju Plant CO2 Chiller Cube Replacement Work
10 Taekyung Chemical Daesan Daesan Expansion of dry ice piping work at Daesan Plant
11 Changwon Environment Center Jeonnam Domestic sewage and condensate water discharge pipe bypass construction
12 Harim Co., Ltd. Jeonbuk Ammonia freezer #4 operation panel replacement work
14 Oyster water drinking water industry cooperative Jeonnam Gulsuhyeop Aquatic Products Processing and Storage Facility Construction Refrigeration Facility Construction
15 Taekyung Chemical Yeosu Jeonbuk CO2 dry ice press upper inspection stand installation work
16 Lotte Confectionery Younggong Yeongdeungpo Replacing old gas purge in ground freezer/td>
17 Taekyung Chemical Naju Naju COMPRESSOR Inspection Auxiliary Installation Work
18 Taekyung Chemical Naju Naju Replacing cooling tower safety railings and installing new CO2 CONDENSER safety railings
19 Lotte Food Cheongju Cheongju old ammonia pipe replacement investment
20 Taekyung Chemical Yeosu Jeonnam CO2 STORAGE TANK BRIDGE installation work, etc.
21 Lotte Confectionery Pyeongtaek Pyeongtaek Compressor 200HP 2 units and 1 meal
22 Lotte Confectionery Daejeon Daejeon Replace defective NH3 non-condensing gas spreader
23 Gangwon LPC Gangwon Pre-cooling room freezer maintenance work
24 Lotte Confectionery Cheonan Cheonan Demolition work of quick-drying room in processing building
25 Taekyung Chemical Yeosu Jeonnam valve and reboiler flange gaskets and bolts, etc.
26 Ministry of Oceans Jeonnam City gas intake and water supply piping work
27 Lotte Confectionery Ansan Ansan Shinsung LINE Ammonia Refrigerator No. 2 oil cooler replacement
28 Taekyung Chemical Yeosu Jeonnam Water supply, wastewater piping and wastewater pump installation work
29 Changjo Co., Ltd. Chungnam Rapid building, freezer warehouse refrigeration facility construction
30 Bio Co&C Jeonnam Basic and due diligence design changes for refrigeration facilities during new construction of QSF Hadong Plant in Gyeongsangnam-do
31 K-Meat Logistics Co., Ltd. Gwangju Evacon replacement work (130RT * 1SET)
32 Taekyung Chemical Daesan Daesan 'C' storage tank valve replacement work
33 Lotte Confectionery Daejeon Daejeon NH3 Gas Leak Alarm Defective Replacement
34 Han River Food Pyeongtaek Additional piping work due to relocation of AHU104 during new construction of Han River Food
35 Changwon City Blue City Office Jeonnam Cheonseon Landfill Leachate Treatment Plant Coagulation Condensation Tank Replacement Work
36 Taekyung Chemical Daesan Daesan Replacement work due to aging NH3 CONDENSER
37 Taekyung Chemical Daesan Daesan LCO2 630TON refining, liquefaction new facility design
38 Lotte Confectionery Daejeon Daejeon Underground refrigeration machine room NH3 corrosion pipe replacement work
39 Purmo Gyeonggi-do Cooling tunnel refrigeration facility construction
40 Harim Industry Jeonbuk Refrigeration and refrigeration facility construction during new online logistics center construction
41 Harim Co., Ltd. Jeonbuk Ammonia Refrigerator Oil Separator Filter, etc.
42 Harim Co., Ltd. Jeonbuk 1,5 line r-22 refrigeration system line water removal construction