Howden Compressor
Howden Compressor collaborated with the Swedish company now known as SRM is the 1930’s to design and manufacture the world’s first operational
screw compressor.
Howden Compressor further developed this concept in the 1960’s to introduce oil injected twin screw compressors to the market pioneering the use of
this technology, which now dominates gas compression and refrigeration applications worldwide.

With over 50 years of design and manufacturing experience, Howden Compressors are able to provide optimised product which is capable of operation
on all known refrigerants and vast array of Hydrocarbon gases.
Howden twin screw compressors have paired rotors, machined from solid bar or forgings which involves a high degree of complexity and accuracy.
Normally casings will be cast iron, machined to close tolerance levels. However, to match particular gas requirements, high discharge pressure
applications, or applicable international standards and codes, alternative casing construction in spheroidal graphite iron or various grades of steel
will be offered when appropriate.

Alternative designs of compressors from the Howden product range are available as required. Some typical examples of alternatives are given below.
ㆍTwin Wall Construction with Sleeve Bearings
ㆍSingle Wall Construction with Roller Bearings
ㆍOil cooling
ㆍSlide Valve Capacity Control from 100-10 percent
ㆍLiquid Refrigeration Injection
ㆍInverter Speed Control
ㆍSpecialist Sealing Systems
ㆍVariable Volume Ratio
Positive Displacement Cannot surge. High compression ratios per stage.
Rotary Action Vibration free running.
Extreme reliability & on-line availability.
Smooth gas flow, low pulsation.
Lightweight foundations.
Lightweight foundations. Ability to withstand high pressure differences.
No Inlet or Outlet Valves Lower maintenance costs
Compact Size & Light Weight Minimal space and foundation requirement, resulting in low installation costs.
Designed for Long Periods of Continuous Running Maximum on-line availability
Minimal service requirements
Howden oil injected twin screw compressors are used for liquid chilling, direct refrigeration, and for
hydrocarbon gas applications involving hydrocarbons, fuel gas, or other specialist applications.

In some instances, hydrocarbon gases such as propane, butane or propylene, will be used as an
industrial refrigerant.
Slide Valve Capacity Control Capacity and energy absorbed match system demand.
Variable Volume Ratio Maximises energy efficiency
Liquid Refrigerant Injection Reduces capital cost with minimal reduction in operating efficiency.
TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Industrial Refrigeration , Hydrocarbon Processing, Fuel Gas Compression
Gas Liquefaction, Liquid Chillers , Petrochemical and Chemical Processing
Food Processing, Marine Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Natural Gas Gathering
Carbon Dioxide Recovery, Breweries ,Coke Oven Gas, Mine Cooling
Refrigerants NH3, R12/R134a, R22/KLEA 66/AZ5000, R22/KLEA 66/AZ5000/AZ 50, Propane, Butane,Propylene
Gases Ammonia, Methane , Butane, Natural Gas, Coke Oven Gas, Nitrogen, Fuel Gas, Propan,
Helium, Propylene, Hydrocarbon (Wet & Mixed), Sour Gas, Town Gas, Hydrogen
WRV compressors represent the “bench mark” against which industry comparison is made for both gas
and refrigeration applications.
Features and Benefits of WRV Compressor
Plain-Shell Type Journal Bearings Long operational life span
Double Wall Construction Suitable for high pressure application
Optional Material of Construction Flexibility to match project specification(e.g. API 619)
Oil Injected Seal Bearing Construction High quality gas seal from simple construction
Range of Capability Probably the most comprehensive range of capacity available
Installed Compressors More than 20,000 WRV compressors installed worldwide
All WRV range compressors are of double wall
construction and utilise white metal, sleeve type journal
bearings with pressurised shaft seal.
A full range of Vi options from 2.1 to 5.8 is offered for
each compressor while slide valve capacity control is a
standard feature on all compressors.
XRV compressors have been developed specially for the refrigeration market.
Features and benefits of XRV compressors include
Ease of Installation Ideal for horizontal separator applications
Use of Roller Bearings No oil pump for over 90% of installations
Variable Vi Available with either adjustable or fully automatic Vi system
Stepless Capacity Control Combined with variable Vi, gives maximum energy saving
Ease of Service Separate end covers give easy access to rolling elements