Fringe Benefits
Recruitment Guide
Expected work area (Zip code : 52055) 25, Hwangsagongdan-ro, Beopsu-myeon, Haman-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea
(※ Note: Changwon headquarters only operates an office)
Recruiter Administration Dept. Manager Jaehyeon, Lee(+82-55-580-0121)
Meal Service
Lunch, Dinner
Working hours
40 hours a week
Work type and
working hours
5 days a week
(AM) 08 : 00 ~ (PM) 05 : 00
Social insurance
National Pension,
Employment Insurance,
Industrial Accident
Compensation Insurance,
National Health Insurance
payment method
Retirement pension
(Kyongnam Bank)
Fringe Benefits
Child financial aid
Qualifying license
Accreditation and Career
for Refrigeration,
Recruitment Department Certification etc
Preferential treatment
Residents nearby, Vehicle holder,
Operable person